Sambal Fried Rice
Spice up whatever you're grilling this summer!



Ready In:

10 minutes


120g brunoise yellow onion

120g brunoise carrot

120g brunoise celery

40g coined scallion greens

2 whole eggs

8.5g minced garlic

310g steamed rice – medium or long grain (I used fresh room temp rice instead of day old cold rice)

5g salt

0.5g pepper

10g sesame oil

30g soy sauce

10g bias-cut scallion greens (for garnish)


Brunoise the onion, carrot, and celery, keeping them in separate bowls.

Coin the scallion greens and set aside in a separate bowl.

Start getting your pan hot. A wok is preferred, but in a home kitchen, any large sautรจ pan or non-stick pan will work just fine.

The pan needs to be hot enough to have the sesame oil reach the smoke point the second it is placed in the pan.

While the pan is heating up, crack the two eggs into a bowl and set aside with all other ingredients.

When the pan is hot enough, place the oil in, carefully swirl it around to coat the entire pan.

Place the eggs in the pan and immediately follow with the Sambal and garlic. Once the egg is scrambled add in all of the onion and carrot, making sure to stir frequently so nothing burns to the bottom of the pan.

After about one and a half minutes add in the celery and continue to stir (make sure to leave a bit of crunch with the celery and carrots).

Follow in with the rice making sure to break up any large chunks so that it can evenly distribute among the veggies.

Season the fried rice with salt and pepper.

Finish in the last 30 seconds with soy sauce.

Garnish with bias-cut scallion greens.

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